IML Walking Association Event

Beijing International Mountain Walking


Place: Zhaitang Town of Mentougou District, Beijing
Date: September


Registration Fee: 100RMB, including a T-shirt, a cap, a bag and number bib.
Online Registration: .
Please download the registration form from the official website, and fill in your personal information, then send it to You will receive the confirmation by email. The registration fee should be paid for each person at the registration desk on site. The registration fee is not refundable.

Tel: 0086-10-65227375 For more information, please refer to the walker's guide:


KM Starting place
Ecological Mountain Walking 30 km Jinglang Islet, Mentougou District
Ancient Temple Mountain Walking 20 km
Reservoir Scenery Mountain Walking 20 km Jinglang Islet, Mentougou District
Tour Mountain Walking Route 10 km

Track and weather conditions

Description of the tracks (road, landscape)
The Beijing International Mountain Walking Festival is to take place in a ntational famous tourism town – Zhaitang Town. With beautiful natural scenery and rich cultural landscape, the different routes present different features of the town. On the way there are Cuandixia Village – a well-known Chinese village with profound historic culture, Huangcaoliang natural scenic spot, Zhaitang reservoir and etc. The surface of the road is of asphalt, cement concrete or debris.
Good care
All routes are facilitated with check points, supply depots, receiving stations, first-aid stations and toilets. Drinking stations are equipped about every 5 km. Organizing Committee have set medical stations and mobile medical care stations with landmark. Along the routes, volunteers will assist the medical care and keep the event in order.
Organizing Committee will cover Personal Accident Insurance and Additional Risk of Injury Insurance for all registered participants ans staff. Please refer to the Insurance Direction on the official website. The report book will be available on the official website:, 15 days after the event.
The weather of Beijing in September is cool and pleasant, and the average temperature of the day is 26-30℃, and 16-20℃ at night.

Souvenir - award

i. All participants who have finished 10 km, 20 km and 30 km routes will receive certificates and souvenir badges at the end.
ii: Participants of “Walking Star Group” who have finished their routes will receive “Walking Star Certificate of Honor” and souvenir badges at the end.


Zhaitang Mountain Villa (100USD per day)

Tourist information about the surroundings

Please visit:

General information

The language: Chinese
The money (currency): RMB


Official Website of Beijing International Mountain Walking Festival: