Why this song?

Because it is ORIGINAL and made just for the IML Walking Association. Therefore, we have no copyright to violate and we can use the song anyway and at any time we want. The song had to have a march tempo and words that expressed the purpose of the IML.

When and for what reason was our song made?

The song was written after the first IML event in Vancouver Washington USA, where the opening ceremony was very focused on the host country, not on the walking community.
I felt we needed a common song to sing for the same reasons we have the common flag of the IML Walking Association. The song had to express the reason why we were coming together and our purpose. It was officially adopted as the IML song four years ago during the GM in Diekirch (2000).


Text and music written by: Tim Miner

The International March (Hello, My Friend)
Hello, my friend, we meet again today.
Coming together from places far away,
To share a walk, and build a friendship true,
And make a better world for me and you.

We come from many nations,
But here our hearts are one.
The further that we walk,
Then more we're having fun.

Come with me, and we'll see something new,
As we tell a walking tale or two.
When we are here and when we're back at home,
Our friendship is strong where ever we may roam.

(Then repeat the above song in the language of the host country where it is used)

Fanfare at opening ceremonies and recorded: We're the IML Walking Association coming by plane and ferry, We sing "Nos Iungat Ambulare."

Fanfare at closing ceremonies (Sung very slowly): We've the IML Walking Association leaving by plane and ferry, until the next time we say ("hello" in the native language of the next IML event).