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Pan Pacific

1. USA San Antonio Texas Trail Roundup Fourth weekend of February
2. Japan Yatsushiro City Kyushu International Three-Day March First weekend of March
3. New Zealand Rotorua Rotorua Walking Festival Third weekend of March
4. Australia Canberra Aussie Peace Walk End of March - Beginning April
5. China Dalian International Walking festival Third weekend of May
6. China Beijing International 2 Days March Second weekend in September
7. USA Arlington, Virginia, Washington, DC US Freedom Walk Festival Third weekend of October
8. Korea Wonju International Two Days Walk Fourth weekend of October
9. Japan Higashimatsuyama Japan Three Days March First weekend of November
10. Taiwan Taipei Two Day Happiness Walk Second weekend of November
11. Indonesia Yogyakarta The Jogja International Heritage Walk Third weekend of November


1. Israel Gilboa Gilboa Walk Third weekend of April
2. Sweden Borås Linnémarschen Fourth weekend of April
3. Belgium Blankenberge The Two-Days Walk Blankenberge First weekend of May
4. France Chantonnay Vendée-Randonnee Ascension weekend in May
5. United Kingdom Wellingborough International Waendel Walk Second weekend of May
6. Luxembourg Diekirch Marche Internationale de Diekirch The first weekend AFTER Pentecost
7. Switzerland Bern Zwei Tage Marsch First weekend of June
8. Denmark Viborg Haervejsmarchen Last weekend of June
9. Ireland Castlebar Castlebar International 4 Days Walks First weekend of July
10. Netherlands Nijmegen Walk of the World Third tuesday of July
11. Lithuania Kaunas Lithuanian Marching Festival First weekend of August
12. Finland Vaasa Vaasan Marssi Second weekend of August
13. Norway Verdal Sagamarsjen Fourth weekend of August
14. Croatia Gospic Croatian Walking Festival First weekend of September
15. Italy Arenzano Mare e Monti Walk Second weekend of September
16. Austria Seefeld Internationaler 3 - Tage Einhornmarsch Third weekend of September
17. Czech Republic Brno Jede Kudrna okolo Brna Fourth weekend of September
18. Germany Fulda Zwei-Tage- Marsch First weekend of October