IML Pin of Merit & 300 IML walks – Awarded to Lo Liebregts from the Netherlands

Monday March 25, 2024

As some of you may be aware, at the recent IML event held in Taipei, Taiwan in November – Lo Liebregts from the Netherlands was awarded an IML Pin of Merit award at the closing ceremony of the walk. It was also at this walk that he accomplished completing 300 IML walks.
According to the IML Constitution the “Pin of Merit” may be granted by members or by the board assistant to a person who has shown special merits in the promotion of the IML.

Let me provide some background on Lo’s achievements and how this award came to be presented:
• Lo assisted in helping Taiwan apply to join the IML Organisation and provided great assistance throughout the whole application and candidacy process.
• Lo has promoted the Taiwan IML event to many IML walkers and he has also visited Taiwan over 20 times himself.
• Lo has also been an IML Representative on behalf of the Rotorua, New Zealand walk at many IML functions and as a delegate at walks.
• Lo has also been delegated to confirm the walking routes at new IML events in other countries and he has introduced many walkers to the other IML events throughout the world.
All the above Lo undertook without any financial recompense and all on a purely voluntary basis.
At the initiation of fellow Dutch walkers and close friends of Lo, namely Herman van Oorschot and Winie Scheepers and in discussions with the board members of the Chinese Taipei Alpine Association (IML Taiwan), they agreed to give the honour of presenting Lo Liebregts with the Pin of Merit.

On behalf of the IML board, I would also like to wholeheartedly congratulate Lo Liebregts on all his achievements and IML awards. I personally have had the privilege of walking with Lo at many IML events and getting to know him and the wealth of knowledge he imparted.

By Jamie Stewart