• For the IML stamp the walker has to walk EACH day of the event at least 20 km.
  • Children under 10, adults 70 and over and anyone with disabilities are eligible (if the IML event has an official distance of at least 10km and less then 20km) one is eligible for an IML Stamp.
  • The walker buys an International Walker Passport after his/her first IML walk and may purchase the bronze medal. 
  • After obtaining stamps from three different IML events on the first page of the passport, the walker may purchase the number 1. 
  • After completing the second serie of three different walks (see second page), the walker may purchase the number 2.

So before purchasing a number or a medal the passport will to be checked!!!

The medals and the ribbons are the same all over the world.

On completing IML walks in eight of the Pan Pacific region or eight walks in the European region the walker is entitled to the Pan Pacific or European Walker title, certificate, and clip. On completing IML walks in the eight founder member countries the walker is entitled to the International Master Walker title, certificate, and clip.

A participant completing 75% or maximum 10 IML walks (whichever is the lesser) in each IML region is entitled to the Global Walker clip and certificate. These can only be presented at any IML WALKING ASSOCIATION event (note that no walk shall be used twice to qualify).

Procedure: The walker has to present their IML passport "in person" and ALL passports have to be complete. (Name, address and picture of the walker in all passports) No exceptions will be tolerated.

Example in the current situation: We have now 29 IML members divided in the 18 European Region and 11 in the Pan Pacific Region.

A "Global Walker" is someone who has done: 75 % of the European IML walks (14: max) 10 different walks have to be done in the European Region. 75 % of the Pan Pacific IML walks (8 different Pan Pacific walks.)