IML Walking Association Event

Marche Internationale de Diekirch


Place: GD Luxembourg, Diekirch
Date: The first weekend after Whitsunday. (pentecost)


  • Registration in advance --> only via internet
  • Last minute registration on the days of the event are possible at the startingdesk


20,00 Euro for the 40, 20 and the 12 km


KM Starting time Starting place Finishing time Finishing place
Cat. I ± 40 km 07.00 to 09.00 am CC Al Seeërei 05.00 pm CC Al Seeërei
Cat. II ± 20km 07.00 am to 01.00 pm CC Al Seeërei 05.00 pm CC Al Seeërei
Cat. III ± 20 km 07.00 am to 01.00 pm CC Al Seeërei 05.00 pm CC Al Seeërei
Cat. IV ± 12 km 07.00 am to 01.00 pm CC Al Seeërei 05.00 pm CC Al Seeërei

Track and weather conditions

Description of the tracks (road, landscape)
On the two days of the march the walkers have the opportunity to admire wonderful countryside of LUXEMBOURG. The first day, the way leads to the north of the country, the region called OESLING, whilst on the 2nd day the route leads east of DIEKIRCH. Walking through these parts of the country with narrow twisting valleys and windy hills, the touch of the atmosphere of old LUXEMBOURG before the great industrial revolution in the 19th century is growing up. Villages are scattered far apart, solitarily at the bottom of a valley or on top of a high plateau.
This courses allows the walkers to contemplate a magnificent panoramic view of the OESLING. Leading trough woods, walking beside calm rivers and rivulets, crossing prairies and passing by and trough little tourist villages, the route is perfectly suitable to practice individually, in groups or with the family, a sport without stop-watch and compulsion, depending on individual physical condition.
Good care along the road
About eight check-points (controls) six revictualling-points where refreshments are given free to the walkers and four first-aid posts are established on the different distances and under the responsibility of the organizer.
Different kind of animation (music) is offered at the resting places on the course as well as on the main resting place.
Moderate climate (sunny and rainy).

Souvenir - award

Each walker who has successfully completed the march in the respective category ( I - II - III  or IV) gets the official award of the Army March a bronze medal.

 In addition, participants of categories 2x20km and 2x40km are given the specific distinction of the covered distance. In the following years the walker earns the corresponding number or medal accordingly to his successful participation. To see the whole award system, please have a look at
Sanctioned by IML and IVV.


- by flight: via airport FINDEL.
- by train: via Luxembourg-City and directly to Diekirch (the starting area of the march is located about 200 meters from the Diekirch railway station)
- by car: just by following the DIEKIRCH panels after the border crossing.



Diekirch tourist board

Tourist information about the surroundings

DIEKIRCH: National Museum of Military History
Conservatorium of old vehicles
Diekirch Brewery museum
Historical museum
Bee and honey museum
Old St Laurentius church
Church of Diekirch

ETTELBRUCK: (about 5 kilometers West of Diekirch)
General Patton Museum
Church of Ettelbruck

VIANDEN: (about 12 kilometers North-East of Diekirch)
Old medieval castle
Victor Hugo house

Cable seats (Telesiège)

Water reservoir (about 6 km from Vianden) used to run the electrical power station at STOLZEMBOURG (about 3 km from Vianden).

General information

- the language: Luxembourgish, French, German, English, Portuguese, Italian)
- the money (currency): Euro


Marche Internationale de Diekirch 
4, Griffelslee
L-9171  Michelau

Tel: ++352 276 211 95