Q.: What is the new official name now?

A.: The official name is "IML Walking Association" but the branch name is still "IML"

Q.: How can I become a IML Walking Association walker?

A.: By walking one of the more-days IML Walking Association events. And by purchasing your IML Walking Association passport and bronze medal after your first walking weekend .

The reward system is also explained on page "Awards"

Q.: How can I become an International Master Walker?

A.: The walker can earn his "Master Walker " clip by participating at the walks of the 8 founding members

The 8 founding members are:

Blankenberge, Belgium
Diekirch, Luxemburg
Viborg, Denmark
Castlebar, Ireland
Nijmegen, The Netherlands
Seefeld, Austria
Higashimatsuyama, Japan
Bern/Belp Zwitserland

Q. Is it permissible for me to have two stamps from the same event on the same page of my passport?

A. No, two stamps from the same event (regardless if they are from different years) on the same page of a passport are not permitted under the International Walker Awards Program rules)

Q. Do I have to complete all the events in one year to qualify for a Special Award (e.g. European Walker, Pan Pacific Walker or International Master Walker)?

A. No. You may take as long you want to complete the required walks for a Special Award.

Q. How can I become a Global Walker ?

A. a participant completing 75% or 10 IML walks (whichever is the lesser) in each IML region is entitled to the Global Walker clip and certificate.

These can only be presented at any IML WALKING ASSOCIATION event (note that no walk shall be used twice to qualify).


The walker has to present his IML passports "in person" and ALL passports have to be complete. (Name, address and picture of the walker in all passports)

No exceptions will be tolerated.

Example in the current situation:
We have now 28 IML members divided between 18 in the European Region and 10 in the Pan Pacific Region.

A "Global Walker" is someone who has done:

75 % of the European IML walks is 14: 10 different walks have to be done in the European Region.
75 % of the Pan Pacific IML walks: is 8 different Pan Pacific walks.

Q. Will the IML & IVV stamps be considered for the IML Awards?

A. The stamps of all the IML & IVV joint events counts for the common IML & IVV awards and for the IML figures but not for any other special entitlements in the IML Walking Association Awards program.